If you do subdue someone during a home invasion, you aren’t allowed to shoot them if you’ve already restrained them. Home Invasion Survival: What Not to Do. If possible, it will be desirable to position yourself in a place that is or will be 90-degrees from the home invasion attacker. The home invasion could have been almost certainly prevented with only a few specific precautions. When it comes to a terrifying event such as a home invasion, your actions within the first few seconds are crucial to the survival of you and your family. This is pretty easy to do with the current doors and frames. or during the night, first thing I would do is ARM MYSELF with a defensive firearm. Front Door and Back Door. Don’t ever try to pull a weapon on an armed perpetrator who has you covered with a handgun unless you feel it’s your last chance. What to Do in a Home Invasion: Defenses Up In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to figure out what to do in a home invasion. Often, people think of home invasions as burglaries. Acknowledge that it can happen to you. A home invasion is a criminal activity that may be punished with a prison term. In reality, however, the two crimes are dramatically different. Dial 911 and keep the line connected, even if you can't talk, having an open line will alert police to come to your location. No other tactics you do will matter if the authorities aren't on the way! You need to reinforce your door frames to make them kick in resistant. Approximately 1 out of every 5 homes encounters a burglary or violent home intrusion. The thing is the more you can do the better prepared you will be if a home invasion happens. Don’t ever agree to be transported somewhere else like an ATM machine or other location unless you feel it’s a life or death decision. You do not have to do everything on the list below. Position Yourself. The list below is everything you should do to your home to make it invasion-proof. A majority of home invasions take place forcibly through a "locked" door. If you don’t really take it seriously then you will fall prey to those who can and will prey upon you. Whether it be during the day (home invasions do happen during the day!) In fact, in most of these cases the victims had unconsciously or inadvertently provided the home invaders with ’assistance’ in their crime! Acknowledging that a Home Invasion can and very possibly will happen to you is the first step in being prepared. Here are the 3 Actions you must Take to Prepare for a Home Invasion 1.) The second crime scene is almost always more violent than in your home. First, burglaries tend to happen during the day, when criminals expect residences to be unoccupied because residents are at work.

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