1 x 4 (Rough 1 Face) 1 x 6 (Rough 1 Face) 1 x 8 (Rough 1 Face) 1 x 10 (Rough 1 Face) Western Red Cedar Lumber. Western Red Cedar shares many characteristics with redwood. Western Red Cedar … Western Red Cedar lumber is naturally rot resistant due to high levels of extractives which act as a natural fungicide. Best line of cedar lumber, wrc, rc lumber and building supplies at MG Building Materials in Texas. Western Red Cedar Lumber. It is not, however, immune to attack by termites and beetles. The tree has a very straight bole and high branches, which result in very few knots and a dead straight grain. Western … Western Red Cedar grows along the coast from Oregon to Alaska. The main difference between the two is appearance. Where redwood is very uniform in color, cedar … Natural Beauty: Western red cedar is a beautiful building material, featuring colors of deep brown and red … Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is light in weight and the heartwood, according to the US Forest Product Laboratory, is “resistant to very resistant” to decay. Western red cedar lumber offers numerous benefits for consumers or contractors completing indoor or outdoor construction projects. It is also a very stable and rot resistant wood. It also grows in the states of Montana and Idaho. Shop for finest quality cedar lumber, western red cedar lumber online at lowest market price.

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