Flexible Sausage Line FSL 211. Vemag … ... Smart Link 4.0. Robot500. Vacuum filler. Used Vemag Linker Length portioning machine links sausages with identical lengths and weights. CC215 Alginate Line. Dough portioner. Vemag Mdl. AVG 131. Flexible Sausage Line FSL 210. Can process cooked and raw sausage in natural, collagen and cellulose casings. FSL210 Sausage Line, flexible sausage link & cut a wide range of sausage… VEMAG FSL210 Sausage Portioning, Linking and Separator VEMAG FSL210 Sausage Portioning, Linking and Separator. VEMAG produces machinery and equipment for the food industry and crafts.

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