Excellent quality. Business Phone 954-583-1987 mango@spykestropicalnursery.com, Over 95 Varieties of Tropical Fruit Trees. Very cold hardy. An evergreen with fragrant white flowers, the tangelo tree produces fruit looking much like an orange but with a bulbous stem end, smooth to slightly bumpy rind and an easily removable peel. INDIAN SWEET LIME TREEMildly sweet with no acid flavor - Very Prolific - medium size, KAFFIR LIME TREEBoth the rind and the leaves are widely used in cooking and for medicinal purposes. AVERAGE HEIGHT:20 - 25' AVERAGE WIDTH: 20' HONEYBELL/MINNEOLA TANGELO TREE DEC- FEB Very cold hardy tree. If there is moisture present, hold off on watering until it feels drier at that depth. Plus, its easy-to-peel fruit is a favorite snack. Easy to grow in your garden or on the patio, the Tangelo Tree is a must-have for those who want their own mini orchard. Water young tangelo trees weekly during the hot dry summers, when the soil is dry, to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. PAGE ORANGE TREE   OCT - FEB Small, High Quality Fruit, Excellent Juice, Few Seeds , Good Flavor, PINEAPPLE ORANGE TREE   JAN - MAR Sweet Orange, Medium Fruit, Juicy, Sweet Flavor, Seedless, PARSON BROWN ORANGE TREE    OCT-FEB Produces a good crop of high quality fruit. Trees on Trifoliata rootstock will grow to 3-4m tall. SATSUMA TANGERINE TREE SEP - NOV Very cold hardy. Special features: Bird Friendly , Edible , Year-round Interest Common Name. Citrus trees like the Honeybell tree are ideally suited for a Mediterranean or subtropical climate and they flourish in mild winters and warm summers with high rainfall. Good Flavor. How to Care for a Tangelo Tree. Remove suckers as they form/grow from the base as well. It is a Type-2 pollinator and should be pollinated with a Type-1 pecan tree (we recommend Cape Fear or Desirable). With its ability to fight off the pests and diseases that commonly plague most citrus fruit trees, growing your Tangelo Tree organically is easy and hassle-free. Fertilizing: Feed your Tangelo Tree during the warmer spring and summer seasons with a citrus specific fertilizer, like the one included in our Citrus Care Kit, once every six weeks. Every Australian backyard needs a lemon tree, but don’t stop there. Once the tree has matured a bit, you can skip the cold season fertilization. Very seedy. The tree is also visually appealing with its upright growth and semi-open canopy. Excellent eating, rich and spritely, Easily peeled. Excellent eating or juice orange. Plant Type. So, if you love tangerines and grapefruits, this tree is for you. When you do water your Tangelo, stop once you see it escaping the drainage holes at the base of the pot. Tangelo. Good patio plant. Low acid. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. For potted Tangelos, stick your index finger into the soil down to about 2 inches. More acid than other oranges and most desirable flavor. When you're ready to plant your Tangelo, dig a hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root system. Easy to grow in your garden or on the patio, the Tangelo Tree is a must-have for those who want their own mini orchard. AVERAGE HEIGHT:20 - 25'  AVERAGE WIDTH:20'. Specifications. All Zones 32 (to 32 degrees F) Growth Rate. Seedless sweet orange. Easily peeled. Related Searches. 2. 8-11 outdoors. VARIGATED HONEYBELL/MINNEOLA TANGELO TREE Same characteristics of a Regular Honeybell but with Variegated leaves Can be juiced. On average, fruit bearing begins when the trees are between 3 and 6 years old; however, exact timing will depend on the type of citrus (lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc. Small fruit used for pies and juice. This Weekend Get Big Discounts up to 57% Off! Tangelo Trees are not self-fertile. Lower acidity than other lemons, less bitterness and more sweetness. Cut diseased, damaged or dead branches from your tree with sharpened and sterilized pruning shears or loppers. Light Requirements. Size of an Orange. Just imagine how much money you'll save when you skip shopping at the organic market. Beautiful, compact landscape or patio plant. This is an easily grown, nutritious tree whether its home is in your garden or in a container. KEY LIME TREE   SEP - DEC Semi-everbearing. SHIRANUI TANGERINE TREE Large Delicious Tangerine. VARIGATED PINK LEMON TREE- NOV-MAR     Varigated Leaves and Fruit, pink lemon, seedless, SANBOKAN (Sambo) LEMON TREE    NOV - APR Like biting into a glass of sweet lemonade. SHIRANUI TANGERINE TREE Large Delicious Tangerine. Place the tree in the hole and backfill your soil, and water for about five minutes. Some Seeds, ROBINSON TANGERINE TREE   OCT - DEC 2 1/2 tp 3" in diameter very easy to peel, CLEMENTINE TANGERINE TREE   NOV - APR Seedless if pollinated properly, Sweet, Very Juicy - Holds well to tree, Easy to Peel, SHIRANUI TANGERINE TREE   Large Delicious Tangerine, AVERAGE HEIGHT:20 - 25'  AVERAGE WIDTH: 20'. Peels easily. As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. AVERAGE HEIGHT:20 - 25'  AVERAGE WIDTH:15', HAMLIN ORANGE TREE   OCT - JAN Sweet Orange, Medium Fruit, Juicy, Good Flavor, Seedless. Seedless, sweet fruit. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. Peels easily. These slow growing trees are commonly found outdoors in USDA growing zones 8-11 but will do just as wel… SUNBURST TANGERINE TREE    OCT - DEC Peels easily, loose skin. Rating & Reviews. PONDEROSALEMON TREE - EVERBEARING      Very large Bumpy Skinned Lemon usually weighing 2-4 pounds. High juice content. Standard-size grapefruit and orange trees can grow 18 to 22 feet tall, whereas dwarf varieties only grow 8 to 12 feet tall..

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