Canary Islands. The Spanish sparrow is a rather large sparrow, at 15–16 cm (6–6.5 in) in length, and 22–36 g (0.78–1.27 oz) in weight. Spanish Sparrow - Passer hispaniolensis or willow sparrow female. [2] The male is similar to the house sparrow in plumage, but differs in that its underparts are heavily streaked with black, has a chestnut rather than grey crown, and has white rather than grey cheeks. Download this stock image: Female Spanish Sparrow, Passer hispaniolensis, just coming into breeding plumage in early spring. [12], Phylogenetic studies of nuclear mitochondrial DNA pseudogenes show that the house sparrow is closely related genetically to the Italian sparrow but not the Spanish sparrow. [2][19] It seems to have reached Cape Verde around the same time it reached the Canaries, and it was first recorded there on Santiago by Charles Darwin in 1832. - 2BAK1GH from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Birds and wildlife photos from walks, safaris and birding trips. [32][33][34] Nestlings are fed almost exclusively on insects for their first few days, and are gradually fed larger amounts of grains. Gran Canaria. The usual English name refers to the description of the species from Spain. In Spanish… Image of canary, biology, adult - 108939118 Spanish Sparrow is one of the 567 treated in this field guide. Colonies may hold from ten pairs to hundreds of thousands of pairs. The Spanish Sparrow is a rather large sparrow. Free, global bird ID and field guide app powered by your sightings and media. It is found in mainland Greece and Bulgaria, where it is also uncommon. Includes facts, pictures and articles. [17][19], The Spanish sparrow is strongly gregarious, flocking and breeding in groups. [7][8], Two subspecies of the Spanish sparrow – the western Spanish sparrow (P. h. hispaniolensis) and eastern Spanish sparrow (P. h. transcaspicus) – are recognised, with little visible difference between them in worn breeding plumage. Playa de Arinaga. A soft quer quer quer is given at the nest by mated pairs, a quer-it flight call is given by flocking birds, and a chur-chur-it call is given as a threat. Aguimes. In Iran, it breeds in most of the country except the Persian Gulf region, also breeding in central and northern Afghanistan. [9], The Spanish sparrow is a close relative of the house sparrow in the genus Passer and the sparrow family Passeridae. Breeding season males have a heavily streaked black breast and back and a rufous crown and nape. Males are duller in the nonbreeding season. [17][21] While the house sparrow and the Spanish sparrow form a "hybrid swarm" in the eastern half of the Maghreb, they coexist with little hybridisation in the western half. It is slightly larger and heavier than house sparrows, and also has a slightly longer and stouter bill. In such areas, both species breed in farmland and open woodland, with the Spanish sparrow preferring moister habitats. Breeding in Eurasia: sw, sc, also n Africa; can be seen in 66 countries. I must say I wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary with the sparrow in your photos. Nests are usually placed in trees or bushes, amongst branches or underneath the nests of larger birds such as white storks. Many translated example sentences containing "sparrow female" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. To confirm that a bird is a female house sparrow, look for: Bill: The shape of the bill is the same as a male's: a sturdy triangle for cracking seeds. [11][14] The genus name Passer is the Latin for sparrow, and hispaniolensis is New Latin for "Spanish". [1][41] There have been population decreases in some parts of Europe, but in other areas the population has increased[41][42] and the species is not seriously threatened, so it is assessed as least concern on the IUCN Red List.

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