Josh's Selenia, Dark Angel Deck as seen in Commander Adventures # 20. Playtest v1. However, my experience in MTG began in modern, where I piloted (and still do pilot) Ad Nauseum for quite some time. Buy Now! Updated Mar 08, 2020 by thecommanderguys using our MTG Deck Builder. Overview; Hand Draw Simulator; Card Prices; Revision History; Deck Export; Commander Card Cost. My wife Emily’s favorite Commander deck is her Selenia, Dark Angel deck. MTG Salvation. Share. Spain; Deviant for 15 years; She / Her; Badges. Selenia, Dark Angel: Help Refining! Selenia, Dark Angel Printings/Rarity: Cost: CMC: 3 Card Type: Legendary Creature — Angel Power/Toughness: 3/3 Oracle Text: Flying Pay 2 Life: Return Selenia, Dark Angel to its owner's hand. I enjoy the mechanics within that style of play, playing on the verge of death and what not, so when I saw Selenia, I knew I had to make this deck. 694.17. User Submitted Deck Format: Commander Date: Sep 09, 2020 Online; Paper; Arena; My Price (Online) My Price (Paper) My Price (Arena) My Price Online; Paper; Arena; Commander 1 Selenia, Dark Angel : 0.02 Creatures (13) 1 Children of … PAPER. Selenia, Dark Angel; Selenia, Dark Angel. Selenia, Dark Angel Commander / EDH Combo Multiplayer WB (Orzhov) apokalyptik. About Selenia-Dark-Angel. Card Type. Flying Pay 2 life: Return Selenia, Dark Angel to its owner's hand. Flavor Text: "I am light. Card Kingdom 263.99 - 273.57 . 1 Sustaining Spirit. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. By serrot_29 Created Oct 22, 2019 Updated Nov 3, 2019. TCGPlayer 238.64 - 253.81 . Upvote 0. 116.56. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Sign In Register. Avg Price $392.13. 6 Mythic, 52 Rare, 20 Uncommon, 7 Common 2 Decks (0.08% of meta) Sample Deck. I am dark. Commander Other Combo +1. Mana Curve. Edit Live Edit. 1 Vizkopa Guildmage. Selenia, Dark Angel Report Deck Name ONLINE. My Bio. Ok, so before I start, I do realize that Selenia isn't the most powerful Commander out there. I must give my life to serve; not even death can release me." List View Visual View Main Board (99) Creature (9) 1 Children of Korlis. The central thesis is simple: since Selenia dodges the Commander tax for a modest payment of life, she’s easy to recast, meaning Commander damage is the win condition. 1 Cataclysmic Gearhulk 1 Netherborn Phalanx 1 Resolute Archangel 1 Selenia, Dark Angel. More. Edit.

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