of the Royal British Photographic Society, he was also an accomplished landscape photographer, a skill he employed often in Crimea. But he did give the British public a view of the war by portraying the lives of British enlisted men and officers, as CRIMEAN WAR PHOTOGRAPHS by ROGER FENTON, MARCH-JUNE 1855. All Mr. Fenton’s image “Valley of the Shadow of Death” (after the Tennyson poem) (Slide 12) was One of the most famous photos of the Crimean campaign. He took two photographs … | Roger Fenton's Crimean War photo series is the first historic attempt to portray war campaign with the help of new magic photo media, then still in its infancy. paintings. Roger Fenton, The valley of the shadow of death. Dirt road in ravine scattered with cannonballs. They were a critical and popular Given these circumstances, it would have been impossible for Fenton to have captured any scenes of actual fighting—even if he had wanted to do so. Sent out by the commercial firm of Thomas Agnews & Co to take photographs of the Crimean War, he brought with him a large white horse-drawn van, which had been converted from a … well as showing the armaments, supply routes and the many, many horses that were the critical military transportation technology of the day. He took two photographs of the scene — one with cannonballs littering the road and the other with the cannonballs by the roadside. there any scenes of the devastating effects of war. He was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, on March 28, 1819; his father was a Member of Parliament and a banker, and his grandfather was a cotton industrialist and also a banker. Credit Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images, Credit Ivor Prickett for The New York Times, Roger Fenton: the First Great War Photographer, A Photographer Captures His Community in a Changing Chicago Barrio, What Martin Luther King Jr. Meant to New York, Behind the Iron Curtain: Intimate Views of Life in Communist Hungary, Shadows of War: Roger Fenton’s Photographs of the Crimea, 1855. That’s not just because he had to haul large cameras and unwieldy glass plate negatives (since fast Leica rangefinders had yet substantial documentary record of the participants and the The volume offers a more comprehensive view of his work beyond the dozen or so images familiar to the public. Fenton’s most widespread acclaim came in 1855, with photographs of the Crimean War, a conflict in which British, French, Sardinian, and Turkish troops battled Russia’s attempt to expand its influence into European territory of the Ottoman empire. Accessibility | Jobs | Mr. Fenton reportedly broke several ribs in a fall and contracted cholera while in Crimea but he still managed to make about 360 useable photographs. You can also find Lens on Facebook and Instagram. Roger Fenton, (28 March 1819 – 8 August 1869) was a British photographer. images are digitized Roger Fenton's Crimean War photographs represent one of the earliest systematic attempts to document a war through the medium of photography. Relying on long exposures made it impossible for Mr. Fenton to stop action and capture actual battles. it appears to reflect an arrangement imposed by Fenton, or the Died: 8 August 1869 (aged 50) Potter's Bar, Middlesex, England. At the time, new technology meant photography. The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace gives a welcome airing to the powerful Crimean War photographs of Roger Fenton. The conflict Crimea (March 8 to June 26, 1855), produced 360 photographs under Legal | the first iconic war photograph — and it is believed to have been staged. with Russia was already well-chronicled in words, including Alfred Lord Tennyson’s 1854 poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”. This set of unmounted photographs may be unique in that from just one side of the battlefield.

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