Grows well in sun or partial shade, being more compact in sun. Orders containing Pre-ordered products will be shipped as a single order when all items become available. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, water the plant regularly after periods of waterlogging as it will be far more susceptible to drought stress in the future. Flower pinkish violet, held in small clusters. If you have alkaline soil, you will need to grow your rhododendrons as container specimens as reducing soil pH is not a simple task. A plants development is synchronised with the changing seasons and flowering is one of several changes that occur at the appropriate time of year dependent on the specific plant. Saturated soil can deprive roots of oxygen. Availability: In stock. Growth rate of a plant will determine how fast the plant reaches it ultimate height and is affected by four main factors: temperature, nutrients, light, and water. 21” to 24” Wide – Typically a second year plant in a five gallon or first year in a six or seven-gallon container. This striking small evergreen shrub has a rounded habit, and is ideal for adding early interest to your garden. 2” to 4” Wide – Typically a cutting rooted into a 3” or 4” square container. Can be 4” to 6” tall. These include bud blast, powdery mildew, petal blight, azalea leaf gall, leaf spots and rust. Leaf drop can also occur following a period of drought and hot weather. There is a slight difference between Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Many rhododendrons do respond well to a hard cutting back, especially deciduous Azaleas and rough-barked Rhododendrons. A... A long-lasting feed for all acid loving plants, promoting strong growth and rich green foliage. Wishlist. £13.50 . The early season flower provide a great start for pollinating insects. The fragrance may come from flowers or foliage. A compact hardy evergreen shrub with dainty small leathery greyish green leaves. Sandy soils have a low clay content, drain quickly, easy to cultivate and work. This medium-sized perennial has bright yellow leaves with green margins when they first appear in spring, maturing to all-green as the seasons pass. Most rhododendrons respond well from mulching and feeding after pruning. Soil with a pH between 7 and 14 are refereed to as Alkaline. More View. Unlike many garden centres, supermarkets and some nurseries here at Jacksons Nurseries we sell the majority of our stock all year round. Plant is cold hardy to -25°F (-32°C). 2020 Jacksons Nurseries. Plant the rhododendron high in light, well-draining soil. Dense and very compact habit. Some plants such a Beech retain their dead leaves until the new spring growth. 2012 - This American bred dwarf hybrid has a neat, compact habit that forms and spreading mound. Very floriferous plant. They drain slowly and take longer to warm up in spring. This is a slow-growing, evergreen variety with beautifully variegated, mid-green foliage, and beautiful lilac-mauve flowers with yellow blotches. The best course of action to rid honey fungus from your garden is by burning all affected plant matter. You can expect the plant to spread somewhere within this range estimate. They can however lose leaves sporadically throughout the year. Reaches a typical height of 2 ft. in 10 years. Hybridized by Nearing. Vivid blue flowers fading to lavender appear in abundance in late spring adding wonderful early season colour. A short period of dryness in the late summer months can restrict the flowers from blooming, and buds failing to form. Nutrient Content - NPK 4-7-4 Height & Spread 1m Sun or partial shade best in moist well-drained acid soil/ericaceous compost. 4” to 8” Wide – Typically a plant in its first year in a one-gallon container. Water thoroughly if drought has occurred. Rhododendrons, in general, do not require a great deal of pruning aside from the occasional removal of dead wood and dead or spent flowers. Six or more full hours of direct sunlight but don't forget to water. Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters (to -15), Hardy in coastal and relatively mild parts of UK (to -5). Rhododendron Ramapo A compact hardy evergreen shrub with dainty small leathery greyish green leaves. In more favourable climates, rhododendrons can be planted at any time of year. Clay soils are potentially fertile and hold a high proportion of water. Well-drained soil allows water to percolate through reasonably quickly without pooling. A neutral pH which is around 7, will be suitable for most plants. Rhododendrons should be planted with a root ball, if the plant is field grown, or with their container mix if they are container grown. Deciduous plants drop their leaves in autumn, look bare in winter and put out new leaves again in spring. The early season flower provide a great start for pollinating insects. There are quite a few rhododendron-specific diseases which are mainly fungal. Helps build soil fertility For Conifers and Trees this may be the spread in 10-20 years, eventually the plant may exceed this. 15” to 21” Wide – Typically a plant in its second year in a three gallon or first year in a five gallon or field grown. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. It has a compact, upright growth habit making it... A lovely, sun-loving, evergreen variety with slender, light green leaves attractively edged in creamy-white. Availability: Stock availability figures are provided as a guide only. They come in an incredible range of colours, and make a beautiful feature in any garden. Usually under dense trees, shurbs or in shade cast by buildings/fences etc. Leaves bluish-green, elliptic, very aromatic. Large orders may be part shipped, please contact us on 01782 502741 or email Hybridized by Nearing. Flowers come in a vast variety of colours from pure white to almost black. Colour can be affected by a number of factors including environment and diet. Sometimes Rhododendrons can fall prey to bud-drop, or could simply not flower. Blooms early midseason. However, there are no chemical controls for root rot, and honey fungus is fatal to the infected plant and other surrounding plants. Loam soils are s mixture of clay, sand and silt that avoid the extremes of clay or sandy soils. They can dry out quickly and are low in plant nutrients. Clay soils tend to be neutral. Increases crop yield Order Online Order By Phone Quick Overview. Vivid blue flowers fading to lavender appear in abundance in late spring adding wonderful early season colour. Dense and very compact habit. This figure may also include plants that have not yet be flagged as unsaleable. Chalky or lime-rich soils may be light or heavy, largely made up of calcium carbonate and are very alkaline. Rhododendrons are grown for their impressive flowers which usually bloom during the spring time. In hotter areas, planting in the autumn is recommended and if you are planting in a cold climate, early spring planted is preferred. Plant Height(potential in 10 years): Two Feet, Rhododendron of the Year:  2005 North West. Rhododendrons direct from the growers to you! See our cookie policy for further details on how to block cookies. Often very acidic. Blooms early midseason. The easiest way to distinguish between the two types is by counting their stamens. Usually no more than two hours direct sunlight. While our meteorological seasons are defined by specific dates; there can be two or the weeks difference in the start and end of the horticultural 'season' between the north and south of the UK. Well drained soil can often be dry and lack nutrients. 24” to 48” Mature Plants – Typically field dug to order or planted in a #10 container. Pale... Full sun, Partial shade, Moist Well-drained, Well-drained, Loam, Sand, Plants for patios, entrances and doorways, Climbing plants for pergolas, arches & fences, Westland Gro-Sure Ericaceous Plant Food Granules ( Jar 900g).

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