Delight yourself with our handcrafted cheeses, delectable taffies, and smoked meats. WHAT IS PORT WINE? Port wine is most commonly enjoyed as a dessert wine because its richness. There are several styles of Port, including red, white, rosé, and an aged style called Tawny Port. Medium-bodied and slightly fruity reds go well with many cheeses. Not only will you receive a tasting of different Port wine varieties, but you will also learn about the history of the house you are visiting and a broader history of Port wine. One of the fascinating aspects of Port wine is its variety of different styles, each with its own characteristic flavours. White Port is made from white grapes, such as Códega, Malvasia Fina, Rabigato and Viosinho. More. Today, you can find Port wine in a range of versatile styles including ruby, tawny, white, and rosé. It has the distinction of probably being the world's first bottled "vintage" wine (1775), the first demarcated wine district sanctioned by the government (1678) and undoubtedly the most famous wine discovered by accident. Introduction to Port Wine. While much of the Port we see in the supermarket is of average quality, there are many fine Port wines that are highly treasured and cost several hundred dollars. CheeseHaven carries more than 150 cheeses in our store, most are made locally. Handcrafted Cheese in Port Clinton, Ohio by We are preparing something delicious for you! Port, sherry and various dessert wines often pair well with cheeses. Most Port has a semi-sweet to notably sweet taste profile and for this reason, Port has a reputation as a popular dessert wine. Port is one of the great classic European wines and its history is a long and fascinating one. Champagne and other sparkling wines pair well with many cheeses because they act as a palate cleanser. ‘Most are bottled young but some whites are capable of wood age and may now be bottled with the same age indications as tawny Ports or as a colheita,’ said Richard Mayson, in his guide to Port styles. Handcrafted Cheese. However, our store … Look for the unrecognizable Consider Port Wine and cheese. There are dozens of Port wine cellars and we know one can feel a bit uncertain. Minerally and slightly sweet whites often make nice accompaniments to cheese. The flavour profiles of both salty cheese and sweet Port, whilst strong enough to stand up to each other, fall on opposite ends of the taste spectrum, acting as complements, a little like a good marriage! There's a rich history behind Port wine. Rumor has it that as far back as the 14th Century, red table wine was being exported to England in cask. In the millennia before refrigeration, cheese became a way to preserve milk. Nearly all Port wine cellars provide guided tours and tastings. CheeseHaven is a cheese shop and old-fashioned candy store in Port Clinton, Ohio. – ask Decanter. What is white Port? The production of cheese predates recorded history and was most likely discovered by accident during the transport of fresh milk in the organs of ruminants such as sheep, goats, cows, and buffalo.

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