Capric, myristic, and lauric acid are typical for coconut oil and palm kernel oil (“lauric fats”), and palmitic and stearic acids are the most common saturated fatty acids. Thus, the actual water sol-ubility, particularly of longer-chain acids, is often very Therefore, an analytical technique offering fast and reliable detection of such adulteration must be developed. A study of the oil content of Monodora myristica for its potential and industrial applications has been undertaken. basis) and carbohydrate (48.7 % on dry basis). Unsaturated fatty acids show cis-trans isomerism due to presence of double bonds. 24(2), 215-220, 2011, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. methanol. Peroxide value in PKO was 8.53 meq of, high peroxide value are unstable and easily becom, CO, PKO oil has low saponification value, which indicated that picung kernel oil contains a l, CO should be 248-265 mgKOH/g oil, and PO 194-202 mgKOH/g oil. This process of taking of iodine is called halogenation which is an indication of unsaturation. Unsaturated Unbranched Fatty Acids. All acids have a sour taste in dilute solution. The relative percentages of the major fatty acids were identified by GLC as palmitic acid (23.88%), linoleic acid (8.95%), stearic acid (47.56%) and oleic acid (5.07%). By this process the oils are converted into solid fats (glycerides of saturated fatty acids). Instrument limits of detection (LOD) and instrument limits of quantification (LOQ) for 4 major fatty acids analysis were 26-35 µg/mLand 86-128 µg/mL, respectively. Abbreviations CCMO Crude Croton megalocarpus L. oil CIME Calophyllum inophyllum methyl ester CMOO Crude Moringa oleifera L. oil CN Cetane number COME Coconut methyl ester CPEO Crude Pangium edule oil CPO Crude palm oil CSO Crude soybean oil EPEO Esterified Pangium edule oil IV Iodine value JCME Jatropha curcas methyl ester MOME Moringa oleifera methyl ester PME Palm oil methyl ester PEME Pangium edule methyl ester SN Saponification number SME Soybean methyl ester. The cross validation was performed by removing one standard at a time, and the final R2 value of 0.996 and standard error of prediction of 0.953 were obtained. Unsaturated fatty acids are those which contain one or more double bonds in their hydrocarbon chain. Differences between weight of 1000 seeds The FID and injector temperature were, operating under Window-based, and connected, were recorded as absorbance value at each d, kernels from Riau Province had water, lipid, and ash contents which were lower, investigate the effect of oxidation process on picung, unique lipids in their composition or with proper, reflects its oxidative level and thus its tendency to become rancid. 5. was found to contain oil (13.5 % dry w/w), moisture A study on chemical properties, fatty acid composition, and lipid profiles of picung kernel oil (PKO) from Riau Province compared to palm olein (PO) and coconut oil (CO) was conducted. This indicates the viability of using this biodiesel in cold countries. The study revealed that M. myristica seeds have high oil and protein content (21.79 ± 0.51% and 20.57 ± 0.38%, respectively). 3_42, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, [5] Yee, C.Y., Yuen, S.K., and Kheng, S. “Antioxidative and, evaluated by rapid test and by the official methods, of Fourier Transform-Infrared Spectroscopy to Ed. Answer Now and help others. The fatty acid composition was analyzed by GC and The adulteration of virgin coconut oil (VCO) with cheaper oils is a serious matter, not only for food suppliers but also for consumers. The average recovery values by spiking method with the spiking concentration at 50 and 90 mg/g sample were at 75-94 % for stearic and linoleic acids analysis, however those for palmitic and oleic acids analysis were considered very low (<40 %), due to their low derivatization efficiency. What are the general characters of bryophytes? Fatty acids and their associated derivatives are the primary components of lipids. Pangium edule Reinw is a non-edible feedstock. A study on chemical properties, fatty acid composition, and lipid profiles of picung kernel oil (PKO) from Riau Province compared to palm olein (PO) and coconut oil (CO) was conducted. Oils and fats on long storage in contact with heat, light, air and moisture, develop an unpleasant odour. All determination wer, and nitrogen (99.999%) at 20 ml/min was used as the made up gas. value (197.7), density (0.9263 g/cm3 at 40 ºC), specific Oleic and linoleic unsaturated fatty acids are widely distributed in plants. Share Your PPT File. Meanwhile, CO didn't showed spectra at region at 3005.4/cm, 1655/cm, 1116 and 1097/cm, which were shown in PKO and PO. The most common examples of unsaturated fatty acids are mentioned in table. In addition, high molecular weight triacylglycerols (containing fatty acid moiety > 18 carbons) was also detected in oil The potential domestic and industrial applications of the oil under study are enumerated. Repeatability and intra-lab reproducibility of 4 major fatty acids analysis were at acceptable ranges, 0.45-1.38 % and 1.15-2.03 %, respectively. This study reports some biochemical changes, especially primary metabolites, and antioxidant activity associated with mobilization of lipids and phenolics during seed fermentation. 1. The studied parameters were instrument performance analysis, the efficiency of fatty acid derivatization, stability of derivatized analytes, accuracy, repeatability, intra-lab reproducibility, ruggedness, and method uncertainty. Pakistan journal of scientific and industrial research. The long chain molecule possesses the carboxyl group at one end, while the remainder part consists of carbon and hydrogen atoms only.

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