This tube microphone is a reissue of the original and is sonically identical, thanks to using the same electronic design and capsule. Luckily we have friends with big mic lockers. Our Neumann U67 Reissue Review. Founded 9 decades ago in Berlin, Neumann manufactures professional recording microphones. If you want to really showcase what you can do and are looking for a microphone that offers you the power and control that you need to sound your best, then you will want to consider the Neumann U67 Reissue, but only if you have the budget for it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to He is currently starting a brand new church in Mesquite NV called, Primary Features of the Neumann U67 Reissue. The newly reissued U67 is hard to come by, Neumann are selling them as fast as they can make them. We hope our Neumann U67 Reissue review has been helpful. It also comes with its own power supply, being that it is a tube based mic. They are very well known for their production of microphones used for music production, broadcast, and live purposes. The overall look of the microphone is awesome and has become almost synonymous to what a studio microphone should look like. The microphone is notable for having different polar patterns, which as other reviews have pointed out are cardioid, omni, and figure 8. (This content has been automatically translated from French), Amazing Microphone, will make anything sound good, The Rolls Royce of microphones: Neumann U 67 + Telefunken EF 806, A pearl! I don't recommend bring this microphone outside of the studio as these are old and fragile at this point. Warm Audio have considerable expertise in producing vintage-inspired gear at affordable prices, and for their latest product they've targeted the venerable Neumann U67.Designed in 1960, the U67 employed a Telefunken EF86 pentode valve (wired as a triode), and sported a then brand-new dual-diaphragm capsule design called the K870/67. It comes with a Z 48 elastic suspension, NU 67 V power supply, and UC 5 microphone cable. (For the price as for the sound). This powerful microphone is designed to record beautiful vocals, making it a great option for both female and male singers. Neumann mics are expensive, partly because they are more expensive to make, but also partly because there is an appetite for precision machines of this caliber, and Neumann has a reputation that allows them to make enough money not just to operate a factory, but also to maintain an extensive design, engineering, and QA staff, and outstanding customer support. The Neumann U67 Reissue ships with all of the gear that musicians need to set up this microphone and start using it. Separate power supply box. 89027702-659-0965. You might be interested in our list of the best wireless church microphones. Additional changes include updating the microphone to current safety standards and requirements and to accommodate the higher filament current used in new tubes. It has three directional patterns to choose from and great handling and response. Long considered a staple in any recording studio due to how powerful it was and the smooth sound quality that it produced, the Neumann U67 was known for its use during formative years and was used in the production of a lot of modern music. Mike Hillier. It’s best suited for use in a studio where it can really shine during recordings. Neumann U67 Reissue. Conclusion – Is the Neumann U67 Reissue a Good Choice for You? To simply review build features, response curves, and component quality of the Reissue, in order to determine how faithful it … According to the late Stephen Paul, the reissue U67s suffered from what he characterized as reduced tolerances on the CNC-lathed K67 capsule. While they did product cutting lathes for a while and were known for being a leading manufacturer, they do their best work when making high-quality microphones, and the Neumann U67 reissue is no different. Due to the higher price tag of the Neumann U67 Reissue, it’s generally not a microphone that beginning singers or musicians choose for themselves. It features a beautifully balanced and full sound and offers incredible frequency response, making it a great option for any singer or musician who craves control over their sound. Neumann U 67 micro tubes EF806 Telefunken tubes equipped. WhatsApp. However, for only the second time to my knowledge (the other case being a limited edition U67 reissue in 1993), Neumann have uncharacteristically decided to revisit their past by recommencing the manufacture of a 46-year–old design which ceased production some 28 years ago. Neumann U 67 Review – Bringing the Legend Back to Life. The Neumann U67 is hands down one of the best microphones I've had the privilege of using in my short career as an audio engineer. Neumann U67 Value – Do I Need This Mic? Having parted with a much loved vintage U67 in November 2017 with a view to buying a boring, tedious, and totally unnecessary fire escape for the studio, I was amazed to see in January that Neumann were actually reissuing the mic after so many years! Facebook. According to the late Stephen Paul, the reissue U67s suffered from what he characterized as reduced tolerances on the CNC-lathed K67 capsule. Mesquite Nv. It is a tube condenser mic, which gives is a real advantage over most other condensers, including most Neumanns. The Neumann U 67 has been out of production since 1971, can Neumann bring it back to life? *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. No matter if you are setting up a studio at home to record your own music or want to create a more professional recording location, the Neumann U67 Reissue won’t let you down.

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