5 Reviews written. Its gold-sputtered, 6-micron diaphragm delivers professional sound, and a high SPL rating delivers on loud drums. Use it once, and the only thing you'll cherish more than your MXL Cube is the amazingly low price. The pair of 603 condenser mics have been designed to be used as joint overheads above a kit, but MXL claims that they can also be used for miking vocals, strings, piano and even guitar amps. The MXL Cube delivers powerfully clear and natural percussion. It's MF's "Stupid Deal of the Day" and, based on an inconsistently staged YouTube shootout with the SM57 I came across, it does do a nice, smooth number on the mids and colorfully capture transients. MXL recommends the Cube for all types of percussive miking duties. It was released in 2007 and has seen a revival as a rack- and floor-tom mic in 2009. The Cube is an inexpensive FET condenser with MXL’s standard large-diaphragm capsule. The Guitar Cube Pro is identical to MXL's Drum Cube Pro (see H74956), but comes with a chrome finish and EQ curve optimized for electric guitar recording. The Guitar Cube Pro is the perfect solution for capturing or recording guitars on stage, but also vocals too. The capsule is believed to be MXL’s K67 derivative, a 32mm capsule/25mm diaphragm also found in the 2010, the V67i and V67G, and numerous other models. That said, I can't really tell if it does anything a v67g and a solid par EQ plug-in couldn't do.

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