What adjustments should I do? My family voted and these brownies got 4.8 stars. They were moist and fudgy. Thank you for the recipe and tips on how to get them so fudgy :). Oh. I would suggest using an oven temperature for your oven when cooking. I bake my brownies on the top shelf in the oven. I even used plain rice flour once! It is amazing, the whole family loved them. They were probably in there for about 45 mins in total in the end! Moist, chocolatey, delish – thank you <3. Thank you so much for putting this recipe out there. I used whole wheat flour and 1 cup only brown sugar, topped with semi sweet choc chips. I want to save them for thanksgiving today, but I honestly don’t think there will be any left! Which one is more preferred? i love them! Does anyone know if the calories are the same as the original recipe? I tend to cut sugar down in most baked goods recipes to my family’s taste. Can’t wait to make these! Thanks so much for following along with me! Great recipe! This is definitely the best recipe I’ve come across hands down, and I was very dubious, just because I haven’t had great luck. I’m going to make these tomorrow but for a wedding so they want bite sized. Thanks for sharing this recipe and making my celebration of living for a 1/5 of a century special! Meeting 1 - Welcome to Brownies: Key to Brownies 1,2,4 Meeting 2 - Make New Friends: Key to Brownies 1,2,3,4 Outing - Cookie Blitz I made these yesterday They are very good. Do I use light or dark brown sugar? Love, love , love this recipe. Thanks! I’m so happy they worked with whole wheat flour ?? To change it up for St. Patrick’s Day, I subbed 1/2 cup of Bailey’s for half of the butter. I followed the recipe with one small alteration. XO. I’ve been baking since I was a kid (I’m now 20) and my dad has NEVER been interested in anything involving chocolate; brownies, mud cakes, normal cakes, any type of dessert with chocolate. I used half peanuts , not chopped, love the chewy & beautiful smell of peanuts. Thank you – new favourite brownie recipe! That is awesome! WTF? So I went with my gut and baked non-convection. Thank you for releasing the baker in me , Yes! This last time, I cooked them as close to the top of the oven as I could get for 27 minutes and they came out pretty much perfect. The brownies were delicious. Also, for those looking for egg substitutes, although I used eggs in this recipe, for making egg-less cakes and cookies, I substituted 1 TBS custard powder for each egg. The result was a goey brownie, but not as chewy/fudge as I expected. I put mine in on the top shelf, 175C, and at 18 minutes it was burnt a lot on the top .. Oh no! Timing was about 32 minutes . Because flour is a dry powdery substance it is much much lighter than liquid, hence the difference in weight. Can’t wait to try the recipes! Loveee this brownie recipe! I’ve made them 3 times now but can’t seem to pull mine out of the oven at 25 minutes. I just switched from my usual brownie recipe (that uses melted dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder) and this was SO.MUCH.BETTER. I think my pan is 8×12 (looks like a mini standard cake pan? The brownies were very fudgy and delicious. With the leftover batter, I used it to make 6 “muffins” and baked them for 10 minutes in liners in a muffin tin. maybe the electric mixer over-mixed them? Honestly the BEST brownies I have ever tasted… I am NOT a star baker at all, rather quite inexperienced, but this recipe made for the best brownies I have ever tasted! That does sound like the BEST EVER!! I cooked mine in a larger tin so it took 40 mins and I found that it could’ve used a bit less sugar but definitely the best home made brownies I’ve ever made!

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