Um...I don't think i really described either of our b****** but if you must know and really need this to finish your experience.Mine: 34B, slightly saggy, Dark, Bumpy areolae the size of a sliver dollar, Small nips about 5 dimes high as my husband says when hard.Her: Small A cup, not really big enough to sag but are empty and kind of flat, She calls them pancake b**bies with oblong areolae that she hates but when hard they get wrinkly and shrink in size and her nips stand straight out probably pencil eraser long or maybe more.We are both moms and have mom b**bs, No we are not 20 any more and don't have 20 year old b**bs but it is not about the b****, I feel that i have a real connection with her and its about the way we make each other complete in that moment. I'm having a girl girl affair with one of the mom's from my kids playgroup. ", She looked at me with a confused look and said "See what? Maybe even show/theaten the wife with a weapon. All rights reserved. Set to work idle hands, shake these thoughts had I planned them They never would be teasing me as viciously as these I would not have believed you had I never seen We both have kids and both of us are happy with everything but one part of our bodies...Yup...Our b**** and looking back now probably the only person i have been topless in front of other than my husband since having kids is my sister and that was only because she had asked to see them (She was pregnant and wanted to know what to expect) but anyway, I was scared and nervous and excited all at the same time and i figured that if it was ever going to happen now would be the time so i slipped my hand up her shirt.I have never touched another girl and it was definitely different but good at the same time, Now i wish i would have done it before thirty nine which by the way we both are but now i can say i did, We both ended up in our underwear and it was like it took a long time to break the waistline barrier but we were laying there just softly kissing, Touching, Licking and sucking but just above the waist and finally i felt her hand slide into the waistband of my underwear and without a second thought i spread my legs.I am not going to go into all the details but she performed oral on me and i was totally going to do it too but she finished with just my hand and then i kind of got lost in what she was doing and when i finished we just went back to kissing and snuggling. Your hubby could get cancer, shrink to a rail but will look even more impressive. Now I'm a father of 3 girls and have changed 600+ dirty bums. I jokingly looked at her wide eyed and said "Really, You think about my husbands p****?" When i caught my breath i apologized for not doing it and she laughed saying "All good...I finished too fast" and i honestly felt bad but everytime i apologized she assured me she was good. Won’t tell you that I’ll fuckin’ leave, that’s the bold me, [Ynw Melly] Beat A Nigga Block Why You Gotta Walk Like That??? Fuck PNC Bank Best story ive read on here. 15. It was probably midnight or a bit before as we crawled in and snuggled into the bed with a glass of wine each, We were already tipsy and giggling as we talked and as sometimes happens with girls we ended up talking about our husbands and the conversation drifted toward their um...Physical attributes. I had a girlfriend for a year while I was married. and she laughed saying "No, No...I just mean that i figured he would be big, Not that i think about him like that or anything" and i laughed. Mixed Personalities It's actually a bit kinky because we have spanked each other and similar. I LOVE thick or long l****. ;). I’m smokin’ dope, Chief Keef, bitch Uh, that’s the bold me, bitch Pedophile gross. The weird thing is I'd never let my husband hit me but I let this other woman do it, You might do it in the future without alcohol. 05. I looked at her and she had scrolled the video to a spot that showed my husband in all his glory standing straight up with both of my hands around the shaft and still sticking out, I looked at her and said "Are you cold" motioning toward her chest with my eyes and she looked down, Cleared her throat and pulled the covers up.She got out her phone and showed me a couple pictures of her husband, I wasn't sure how to not be rude but i was actually surprised at how small he is, I expected maybe slightly above average but he is probably slightly below average and i blurted out "It's very...Nice" and she laughed and said "yeah...He has a great personality" which made us both laugh. You could be just 18 and have large l**** and still a virgin. If you do not receive your email shortly, please check your spam folder. I won’t break your heart, lil’ baby, that’s the cold me (That’s the cold me) She looked at me with her mouth open pretending to gasp with her hand over her mouth then put her hand down and said "Ok", I grabbed my phone and flipped through my pictures which i have a few of...That but all i could find was a short video of me giving him a birthday...treat which was the only one that didn't have me naked in it, I said " don't want to see that" and she said "Oh my goodness" you video taped it" and i said "Well...He did but with my phone", She looked at me and said "that's the only one you have?" You are lucky that's all your husband said, Mine was angry that i did it without him and still to this day he holds it over my head and thinks somehow that he deserves to get a threesome out of this.Some men don't realize it is not always about them and sometimes they are the reason a woman might stray, I say my husband is lucky that it was a girl and i didn't just go bang some dude since he was neglecting me.

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