But Hp only wants to make one pocket scientific and the Hp 35s IS allowed on the NCEES exam and the Hp32sii … For … Yes, it is really a (much) better pocket calculator than the Hp 35s replacement in quality and durability. HP35s is a good calculator. jackisidore has uploaded 174 photos to Flickr. HP 33s Pocket-sized and full-featured, the HP 33s Scientific Calculator is ideal for engineers, surveyors, college students, scientists, and medical professionals. as long on my HP35s compared to my HP32SII. I too, have both, but it is the Hp 32sii that sits on my desk as well. The program was nothing complicated, DSEing a loop 1000 times and within the body of the loop decrementing a counter and summing up the inverses of the counter. No, the Hp 32sii is no longer made. HP32SII is a very good calculator. For a 32SII user. Its two-line … But useless. For a HP user who heavily used his/her HP during his/her education and engineering practice. Read : HP 35s Vs TI 36X Pro. Both programs look exactly the same, the only difference is GTO W on the 32SII vs… Explore jackisidore's photos on Flickr.

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