We’ll also look into how the Marian ABSN program has helped two alumni pursue their own paths to advanced practice nursing. When it comes to his journey to become a nurse practitioner, Elliott says his experience with Marian’s accelerated nursing curriculum is what prepared him so well for the rigorous road ahead. Few career paths give you the chance to have such a positive impact on the lives of others. “The Marian ABSN program offered well-rounded clinicals in a variety of specialties that helped me get to know what I like most about working in the field,” she says. Not to mention, for adult learners like Elliott Haynes, ABSN Class of 2017, and many other students, the interactive components of our e-Learning platform make our online nursing degree for non-nurses that much more accessible. And, just as long as you have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, we don’t care if you come from a science or liberal arts background. Visit aanp.org to learn more about the licensure and regulatory requirements for nurse practitioners in every state. Prior to … Any shift you work could see you improving — or potentially saving — the lives of your patients. Path #1- MEPN Program A few schools offer super-accelerated … As a faith-based institution, we also believe in treating patients holistically — that is treating their mind, body, and spirit. While the path to becoming a nurse practitioner with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree is possible, it’s probably not the journey you’d expect. Summary: This article explains why becoming a nurse practitioner is a wise career move, including the fact that it’s a profession in especially high demand. But even before the pandemic, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimated the profession would grow 12 percent between 2018 and 2028, much faster than the average for all other occupations. I learned a lot due to the quality of the curriculum and I think that’s helped me a lot in the long run. Here are some of the national certification agencies that offer NP certification exams that are recognized by every state board of nursing in the country: To qualify for advanced practice registered nurse licensure in your state of employment, you must have: Every state, however, has different rules that determine the scope of practice for nurse practitioners. After spending time in the field, your next step to becoming a nurse practitioner is going back to school for your MSN or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. How Marian ABSN helps: To help prepare you for this exam, you will take timed, proctored NCLEX-style tests designed to familiarize you with the types of questions, format, and timing of the actual test throughout the program. It’s true you can complete the first step in the process of becoming a nurse practitioner — earning a BSN — in 16 months. While several factors contribute to this demand, one of the main reasons is the country’s increased emphasis on preventive care and demand for healthcare services from an aging population. Depending on which program option you choose, you’ll also develop expertise and leadership in your area of specialty. Privacy Policy | And, according to Glassdoor, the average base pay for nurse practitioners in the Boston area is $123,502 per year (five percent above the national average). National certification as a nurse practitioner in a recognized population focus. Note: To meet your state’s licensing requirements, you must sign up to take the NCLEX in the state you wish to practice as an RN. 1 goal is to see you succeed, achieve your goals, and grow into a poised nursing professional. After all, nurse practitioners work in a wide variety of specialty areas, from pediatrics to gerontology. However, there are also many … Often, when people talk about online nursing programs, what they mean to say is “online-based.” These programs blend online and hands-on experiences. Marian University is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg, Indiana. Becoming a nurse practitioner with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree is a journey that takes approximately five years to complete, assuming you choose accelerated program options. We let you leverage your existing education so you can start nursing courses your first day of the program. Suffice it to say, staying on top of online coursework, labs, and multiple clinical shifts each week involves a lot of motivation and drive to succeed. -Elliott Haynes, ABSN Class of 2017. (We’ll get into how to become a nurse practitioner and the different paths you can pursue as an APRN below.). Many RNs work in the field to get a better sense of where they want to go with their career prior to applying to a nursing graduate program. We offer specialty tracks within our MSN program that allow you to apply for a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in the following areas: If family practice is the path for you, we offer a Family Nurse Practitioner Hybrid Program that allows you to complete the majority of your classes online. We also advise signing up to take the NCLEX a month or two after graduating from nursing school, while everything is still fresh in your mind. By the time you graduate from the program, you’ll be prepared to sit for the NCLEX-RN® exam with confidence and enter the profession a practice-ready nurse. Many MSN and DNP programs offer nurse practitioner tracks that can be completed in two or three years. But when compared to an ADN, a BSN can lead to increased job security and better chances for advancement, among several other professional benefits. With a diploma or ADN, nurses … Just keep in mind that APRN certification also requires hands-on preceptorships. This step likely comes as no surprise, but it’s an important one.

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