Its bold outline can be seen for many miles. Mount Carmel; this is the name we have chosen for our new summer home at Lake Carlos. Elias was the prophet who defended the true God of Israel against the prophets of the false god Baal. Even the contours of our property are in a diminutive way suggestive of Mount Carmel. About 1156, the Order of Carmelites was founded, and a new monastery was built to the honor of St. Mary of Mount Carmel. Please find it in First Kings 18 and review the events that took place. But why a special name at all? Mount Carmel naturally became a refuge for early Christian hermits and monks. Notable shrines and churches were founded in honor of Mary under the title of Carmel or Carmen. It is a continuation of the hills of Samaria which extend NW to the Mediterranean Sea. On the south-eastern peak of Mount Carmel, the site is now known as Muhraka (“the Scorching”).. Garrod discovered Neanderthal and early modern human remains, including the skeleton of a Neanderthal female, named Tabun I, which is regarded as one of the most important human fossils ever found. Bowing down before God, Elijah persevered asking God for rain until the answer came. Devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel spread throughout Europe by the returning Crusaders and by members of the Carmelite Order. The word “camp” is used to designate so many different kinds of projects. his is the name we have chosen for our new summer home at Lake Carlos. Our Mount Carmel includes a high elevation projecting into Lake Carlos. In 2010, Mount Carmel reorganized its school structure which would incorporate Upper (6th-12th grades) and Lower (K-5th grades) Schools to its campus. Hence, Mount Carmel. It is variously translated “a garden,” “a garden with fruit trees,” “forest garden,” “orchard,” “park,” etc. Camp. Hence, Mount Carmel. According to tradition, Our Lady on this occasion promised special blessings to all who wore the Carmelite scapular which signified total dedication to her Son, Jesus. It was not an easy matter to make a selection from the many that suggested themselves to us but after much thought, discussion, and prayer we were led to adopt Mount Carmel. Because we want to avoid the designation “Bible Camp.” We have foreseen that unless we have a suitable name for the place where we will conduct our summer Bible sessions our friends, as well as the public in general, will name it the L.B.I. Origin. Thanks for Watching and Enjoy The meaning of the word itself is another reason for the choice. It was on Mount Carmel God revealed Himself as the true God by sending the fire down from heaven which devoured the sacrifices presented by Elijah. Camp. Mount Carmel in the Holy Land is a low, beautifully wooded mountain range jutting out into the Mediterranean. Each day the camp’s population was about 50,000 and it was estimated that 40 per cent of the soldiers were Catholic. You will then notice that Mount Carmel was a meeting place with God. On Mount Carmel, God revealed Himself in His holy majesty in the fire which came from heaven. Jebel Mar Elyas. In the next place, Mount Carmel commended itself to us because it is euphonious. He continued to pray and sent his servant up the mountain several times to look for rain. Carmel was the southern boundary of the territory of Asher (Josh 19:26) and the S.W. There the prophets of Baal were seized and led to the brook Kishon where they were slain. Notes: [1] Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Preface and Epistle. History of the buildings of Our Lady of Mt. We look to God to make our Mount Carmel a place of downpour of showers of blessing in the Holy Spirit by means of the Word of God. An excerpt from the May 1938 issue of The Bible Banner.

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