Looking for more colorful descriptions of weird people in the German language? It may sound like it's part of the plant kingdom, but, a Purzelbaum describes a somersault on the ground, often landing in the dirt and usually resulting in dirty knees. Similar in meaning, a Warmduscher is someone who showers with warm water. And sometimes, given enough alcohol, their lederhosen as well…. to lose your grip (Get a grip!) Zungenbrecher is much less gruesome than it sounds. Be careful: In some cases, this word can also have a suicidal meaning. Are you sure? Your “inner pig dog” is the little monster inside … Some words are unique to the German language. This is actually an insult for men who are seen to be engaging in unmanly behavior; for example looking for shaded parking, according to the literal translation. In the meantime, here are some funny German words to note. This may be one of the strangest literal German/English translations there is. So let’s get started and take a closer look at our list of funny words in German! In German, a "soft egg", means someone who is a coward or weak-minded – they’ll just go with the crowd or what is easy instead of standing up for what they think is right, but with the right person and intent, it can have a lighter, more humorous meaning. Lebensabschnittpartner. But no matter how you perceive the German people, this article isn’t really about their talent for comedy and laughter. Anybody who has ... Weichei (soft egg) Backpfeifengesicht (slap face) Erklärungsnot (explanation poverty) Purzelbaum (tumble tree) Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter. This is your disorganized inner voice (who is, in your defense, fully accountable). Germany has a big comedy scene and a long tradition of political cabaret. abticken (Tick nicht ab!) Innerer Schweinehund (Inner pig dog) Can’t get up in the morning to be on time for work? Das ist mir Wurst. Any language contains words which are weird, cumbersome or are pronounced in a way that’s odd. Torschlusspanik is the feeling of panic as time runs out. Arschgeige. Germans are usually seen as very strict and sincere people. This one refers to the weight one might gain after a bad relationship break up. Take a look at our list of funny german insults. As David Sedaris noted in hisNew Yorkerarticle about learning German, this … It probably is a misinterpretation of some other qualities attributed to Germans, such as discipline, punctuality and an obsession with details. Funny German words? If you're not sure whether you want to learn the language or are starting out from scratch, have a look at our Lean German and German Alphabet pages for some excellent reasons to learn the language and quick lessons on German grammar. But that’s wrong! (In fact, in comedy the timing of jokes is crucial!) Innerer Schweinehund Having lived abroad ourselves, we know that finding the right information on how to relocate and settle in a new country can be difficult. You may want to be careful if and when you use this one: it's best used among good friends unless you’re wanting to cause tension! If the best line, joke, or comeback always occurs to you after speaking to someone who needed to hear it, that’s Treppenwitz. Friedrichstraße 194 While this German word doesn't have a simple literal translation, it describes an attempt at improving a bad or hopeless situation, but this attempt only makes things worse. You may find that some words which only exist in German perfectly describe situations or moods that cannot be expressed so well in your mother tongue… so why not introduce your non-German-speaking friends and family to these phrases? Clever alternatives which mean the same include Tohuwabohu, Wirrwarr, Mischmasch, and Kladderadatsch. Backpfeifengesicht describes someone who you feel needs a slap in the face. Germany, 10 Funny German Words with literal translations, German Health Insurance for International Students, Best German Universities for Architecture. This describes the feeling of being utterly done with it all: beaten down and tired of everything or weary and gloomy about the whole world. German Swear Word, Expletive or Expression: Rough English Translation: Aasgeier: Vulture: abdrehen (Ich bin einfach abgedreht.) And there’s many popular fairs like the Karneval in the Rhine area or the Octoberfest in Bavaria, where people really let their hair down. No sufficient explanation for not doing your homework or lying to your wife? The word Eselsbrücke has nothing to do with donkeys and everything to do with mnemonics. Kummerspeck (Grief Bacon). Can you say it ten times, quickly? (That’s sausage to me.) Simply put, Zeitgeist, which is now often used in English too, refers to the mood of contemporary culture and society or an understanding of the "spirit of the times". Germans can actually be funny? We know that the lack of digitization and personalized support can make navigating German bureaucracy a very frustrating process. Someone who doesn’t perform a particular task very well can be called a “butt violin,” or … This refers to an impossible or unrealistic dream -- like building a castle in the air -- and is used to describe that which, sadly, just cannot be achieved. Funny German Words. Fernweh describes the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. Is there such a thing? Angeber A very artful way of saying that you don’t care at all, this … By clicking the above button, you have read and agreed to the privacy policy.

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