Christian Community Development Association Contact Subscribe to receive our monthly email news and timely updates on issues. Association for Biblical Higher Education We looked for the cream of the crop: nonprofits focused on the mission that God has given them first and the trust of their donors second. Please contact us at, Creating An Effective New Believers Packet, Custom Bible Reading Plan Creator for 2020. Walter Kim. We believe that donors should be able to fully trust Christian nonprofits to use donated funds to advance the Kingdom of Jesus effectively and with integrity. The National Association of Evangelicals includes a wide range of nonprofits — from missions and community development organizations to ministerial support groups. URL not available | 2170 N T RD MARQUETTE NE 68854-2538. Marketplace Chaplains If you desire to come alongside the NAE in this significant effort, we invite you to supplement your nonprofit membership with a generous gift of $10,000 and join us as an Advocate, with the following benefits: Statement of Faith Jobs Book/Publication. According to the National Center of Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there are more than 1,570,000 registered nonprofits in the United States alone. Not all of America’s million-plus charities and foundations are created equal, as reporters for CBS News and The New York Times discovered last year when they investigated Wounded Warrior Project.That nonprofit spent only 60 percent of its income caring for military veterans; the rest went to overhead, salaries, marketing and fundraising.In the world of Christian ministries, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability was fo… We facilitate collaborative efforts among top evangelical leaders to strengthen churches, fellowship with one another, and share and develop effective resources. 17. Leadership Our objective is simply to recognize all of the hard work and paperwork each of these trusted nonprofits went through. We’re not giving each nonprofit that did not make this list a mediocre rating; we’re just giving the nonprofits that did make the list 5 stars! 17. The Most Trusted Nonprofit Award – Best Christian Nonprofits in 2020. As a member of the NAE, your nonprofit strengthens the influence of evangelicals today and receives special benefits of participation. We Need Repentance and Renewal. Bible Verse of the Day: Awesome App for Christians, Pastor Appreciation Day Celebration Ideas. There is certainly no shortage of tax-exempt organizations for you to consider supporting when making your next donation. A nonprofit organization, founded by a religious congregation or religiously-motivated organizers and board members that clearly states in its name, incorporation, or mission statement that it is a religiously-motivated institution A collaboration of organizations that explicitly includes organizations from the previous categories. The Most Trusted Nonprofit Award is based on research laid out by 10 nonprofit oversight organizations and supplemented by unbiased nonprofit consultants who led us to a list of ministries who are above reproach. Use of the NAE Member logo, which gives you the credibility of a national organization and signifies your commitment to evangelical unity, Regular listing in the NAE Community of Nonprofits, with a link to the home page of your nonprofit website, Five subscriptions to Evangelicals magazine of the NAE, Up to 100 free sample copies of Evangelicals magazine each year to share with your key audiences, upon request, Free registration to NAE webinars, which can be offered to all your constituents, Access to the full library of NAE publications, Advance invitations and registration for NAE events, Listing of your nonprofit’s regional and national evangelical events on our, Opportunity for your nonprofit leader and a guest to attend the private NAE Washington Briefing with national leaders on Capitol Hill, Nonprofit leadership access to hourly consultation with NAE executive staff (fee may apply). Would you like to recommend a nonprofit for our list? Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability 800.323.9473 / 540.535.0103 According to the National Center of Charitable Statistics (NCCS), there are more than 1,570,000 registered nonprofits in the United States alone.

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