4) Run your auto-setup as usual. Temporarily connect only one sub and adjust its volume dial until your SPL meter (C-weighted) reads 72 dB at your primary seat. 9) Play a bass sweep on repeat (you can download a bass sweep from audiocheck.net , or just play one off of YouTube on repeat). You'll get better stereo imaging that way. A whole range of phase settings might all sound roughly as good as one another in terms of uniformity. Other than Tom's innate bitterness, it is what fuels the podcast. Will My AVR Decode Atmos from My TV’s HDMI ARC Port? I have two powerful subwoofers and would like to connect both using a Y-adapter since the receiver only has a single subwoofer output. In the latter case, you may also need to disable the high-pass filter on the first sub’s output (check the user manual for details). https://www.audioholics.com/subwoofer-setup/subwoofer-connection-guide Not necessarily linearity at this point. Both ways to set up your subs and mains involve the crossover settings. Spread them apart as much as possible. 8) Start with Sub2’s (physically closer to your main seat) phase knob at 0°. Then disconnect Sub1, temporarily connect only Sub2, and repeat – adjust Sub2’s volume dial until SPL meter reads 72dB at your seat. 2) Feed them both the same signal (mono). Here’s my question. A Yes, if your receiver lacks dual subwoofer outputs, then using a Y-adapter to split the subwoofer output signal definitely is an option. Set the subwoofers' crossover to match the low-frequency response of the front speakers. What follows is a four-part series accompanied by a video in each section if you’d rather watch than read. But you want the same humps & dips in every seat. As a final note, if you want to set up three or four subwoofers, check out the Multi-Sub Optimizer Software. Again, two subs are playing the single subwoofer output in mono, so expect a strange distance setting in the Receiver. Uniformity is the goal. Depending on your subwoofer’s inputs/outputs, another option would be to daisy-chain the two units by running an RCA output from the first sub to … You'll get better stereo imaging that way. By using REW (Room EQ Wizard) and a computer, incorporate the $200 spent on this project with either one or up to four subwoofers and you will be exuberantly pleased as am I with the results. Can I Use AirPlay 2 With Both Wireless and Wired Speaker Setups? What Are the Benefits of Bi-Wiring Vs. Bi-Amping? Set the crossover and subwoofer placement so that frequencies below 300 Hz are fairly flat at your listening position. Should I Use My Oppo Player to Upconvert to 4K? Editor’s note: We reached out to the head of engineering at AxiomAudio.com to learn how to get the best bass response from any subwoofer. WTF! Can I Stream in High-Res Through My A/V Receiver? Set the Receiver’s master volume to 0dB (very loud), set the subwoofer trim level in the Receiver to 0dB. Try not to have them both on the same side. Set the subwoofers' crossover to match the low-frequency response of the front speakers. Some humps & dips in the sweep are ok. 1) if your room is an enclosed rectangle, put the subs directly across the room from one another. If it’s uniform, but you have a full on null (silence) at some point in the sweep, then you need to keep searching). 11) Adjust the phase knob of Sub2 only. More important, it will help to smooth out bass response, as well as provide more consistent distribution of bass over a wider range of seating positions. https://www.lifewire.com/connect-two-or-more-subwoofers-1846819 Is There a Benefit to 4K On a 50-In Screen 8 Feet Away, Epson LS500 4K Laser Projection TV Review, SVS Discounts 2000 Series Subs for Black Friday, Paul McCartney: Flaming Pie - Archive Collection Deluxe Edition, Buy Once, Cry Once: How to Plan Your AV Budget, Def Tech, Polk Audio Speakers Get IMAX Enhanced Certification, Making a Choice: AVRs vs. AV Rant #669: 2019 NVidia Shield Pro Review. It’s just trial & error: adjust Sub2’s phase knob, listen to sweep in all seats, try to find uniformity (although no total nulls. 1) if your room is an enclosed rectangle, put the subs directly across the room from one another. How Do I Know When to Change My Projector’s Bulb? Different room layouts affect bass in different ways, so you’ll likely have to experiment to find out which configuration works best for your environment. A 12 Step Guide to Setting Up Dual Subwoofers. Kevin: The “DIY” process is to set the processor’s sub delay to zero, and then to set the delays in each subwoofer, based upon their distance to the primary listening position.

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