This rather big and colorful dragon fly appeared right in front of my face and just hovered there for a moment then landed on a small branch a day turned to look at me mere inches from my face. Tammy Hardy and it stayed on my arm for a while. I flew to my home town with my toddler when I learned she was ill. Not only her loss, my uncle is doing horrible things… For most of my life – I have had a passion for dragonflies, and I see them as being magical creatures with a spiritual quality about them. Dragonfly energy is perfect for digging in, embracing, and understanding emotions. This afternoon a dragonfly flew into my car as I got in the car. People with this insect as their spirit animal utilize light to create illusions and to transform consciousness. It was weird, dunno what that dream means.. Ems ok thanks I guess this is a sign to continue on my current path. I am a bit worried after seeing this. Your story sounds IDENTICAL to mine! Then today I am sitting in a motel room in the city Orange dragonflies can symbolize joy, creativity, wellness, and sensuality. They come in and out of my garage when I’m there. Be ready to adapt to any situation, and don’t allow yourself to be blown away by the rough winds. Can you please tell me the article you found? What could be the meaning of this beautiful site…it felt like a positive omen to me…made me feel very happy. At first it was trying to land on my left shoulder but then I put up my left hand where it ended up landing. (Coyote, praying mantis, most commonly a rabbit) And I acknowledged the potential that I may be inadvertently astroprojecting. I miss him every day, I miss all of them every day. This morning on a walk i had a dragonfly appear again it faced me then went to my left side and flew next to me for awhile as i walked. i asked my dad a few mins ago as i can feel his presence around him i asked him if he can be there for me on the day in spirit form etc….. i told him im nervous and should i really see my mum or not as i have so many questions that need answering. Like the Hyena, opportunities are only available for a limited period and, the one you have been nervous about jumping into is quickly closing its doors. This afternoon, for about an hour, I had one in particular that would land on my finger, fly away from time to time only to come right back. Back in 2001 we buried my dad. A dragonfly came down and looked at my face popping from the water- I was like, Oh crap…that…this…this is all super familiar now. It happened about 7 months in to a 2 year work visa on a Caribbean island. I don’t know – but this fellow got so close to me a few times that I could hear its wings flapping. Now he uses them to follow me to hinder me and block my progress in life. =] you can email me or I’ll find your business someday ^^ i wonder how on earth the dragonfly get inside the house when everything is close..just recently we bring my brother in law to the hospital Had good fishing that day. I cant say why I happened to read the comments (I never have before) but I read yours and want to say that I understand the pain and suffering you are experiencing. I don’t know if anyone still reads these pages or not, but I thought I would share and see if anyone had any insights. An iridescent rainbow-colored insect of this type signals an emerging inner light. Dragonfly has blessed us both. The necklaces were all tangled but this one came out with ease. Sometimes when we run out of money, we just ate banana for dinner. I felt something in my hair and I brushed it with my fingers and when I looked down, a dragon fly had fallen out of my hair and onto the chair next to me. Once I shook him off he landed in the grass, his wings were gone along with half of his head. I’m open to an interpretation to what the Dragonfly is trying to get across to me. Can you please tell me the meaning of this? Moreover, those with this totem can inhabit two realms, both air and water. I just really hope that this means I need to look up and just keep hoping for a brighter and less painful future, everyday there is a little blue dragon fly who sits outside my apartment i kind of sit with it sometimes. The dragonfly was telling you they were going to heal and do well. I gazed at the insect. they seemed comfortable on me. Why do you doubt yourself and your uniqueness? I got in the elevator and it flew in the elevator with me and it flew out again when I got out. Remember to find the good in every situation, and keep your heart and mind light and clear. but not sure if i got my answer or not. I sat, I cried and I looked up to the sky. I just wanna ask something.. Today, I have seen a pair green dragonflies mating together while I hanging wet clothes outside in our house. Suspend your disbelief, you have nothing in this regard to lose. I’ve been there and I’m lucky yo be alive today… And I have a fabulous husband who would NEVER make me feel threatened or scared, ever. One morning, I saw a dragon fly hooping and flying around me outside our rented house. And if you are interested because everything related to animals and plants will be connected as a whole (Planet Earth) will heal etc. I think probably your father was saying to you to move on and trust you can do it and not stay in a situation out of fear. I have been going through the worst life experience I could ever imagine involving my son. You do not have to see the direction – just go. Keep in mind that it had nothing to do with me and my husband’s relationship/ it was a betrayal of one of my siblings with my daughter that tore their family and ours up. This is good most of the time because it means you are very connected with your emotions. Am I crazy? So beautiful. Also, landing on your foot… Our feet are what take us the direction we choose to go. I’m dong well generally, however I know that this dragonfly sighting was no accident or coincidence. And your lifelong medicine. not sure if this has any meaning at all. That’s pretty amazing hat trick. The dragonfly is also considered a spirit animal and it is usually a symbol of light and changes that may happen in your life. What do you think? All of which led to me waking up feeling emotional, empty, lonely, in desperate need to see my three friends. Would love to keep because it is so ! It’s not every day that a dragonfly wants to sit and have breakfast with you or have a woodpecker die in mt hands. 3. Dragonflies and Butterflies BOTH will ride alongside WITH me! You can be your genuine self and attract the kind of love that will allow you to blossom. Enough about this and about me .. In this case, the Dragonfly meaning foretells extreme good luck. Today I found a black beetle which led me back to this site HA HA. Like the Pug, It is also important to realize that you should seek the habits that need changing. I sense there is a meaning. Both times it almost landed on me and nearly flew inside my house. I did this today because of a dream I had last night. Please what is the meaning when you see a dragonfly in your house? And I cried. I plan to get a green dragonfly tattoo on my back as my final tattoo ! Dragonfly stopped in mid-flight in front of my parked car, turned and hovered facing me eye-to-eye. No storm warning this time. Muah!! My daughter calls me dragonfly lady cause when I show up so do the dragonflys, and it’s always 1 to 4 of them. After that, it seems that everywhere I go (parking lots, places where I park my car, at work and at play) I have seen sightings at least a dozen or more times.

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