thanks again, Thanks! The nylon caught bits of pretzel sticks that my 4 year old was eating right around the same time the problem with the surround sound began. Was ready to call a mental ward to see if a bed was available. You saved my marriage after two days struggling. … and again on 09DEC15 your insight has saved the day! Then founds some headphones to plug in and it worked immediately. Toggle through each input selection/source on the stereo receiver/system (e.g., AM/FM tuner, 3.5 mm audio cable connected to a smartphone/tablet, digital input, video 1/2/3 inputs, etc.) I’ve had my Denon 4802 for 14 years and had no problems until it starting getting the clicking and loss of audio on all inputs. Thank you so much for this. Many thanks for this posting. Thanks! I literally tear eyed from laughter when this was the solution to hours of lost efforts pulling apart cables and buying new ones and it just happened to be a little bit of dust. You saved me from spending money I couldn’t afford to part with !!! Hope this helps! Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound, America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coins are Gorgeous, Your Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is Worth a Lot More Than 15%, How to Fix the "Green Screen" on a Nintendo Wii, How to Fix the Apple TV 2 "Blinking White Light of Death", Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound, No ability to select normal audio surround options – only stereo ones show up in the selector, No sound on any A/V input, whether HDMI or analog, When you go to configuration menus, the option to configure the audio is missing, The display periodically of “H/P Input On” on the receiver face, Some dust has likely gotten into the Headphone jack, creating a false auto-detection that you have headphones plugged in, The switching noise is the short/detection firing on/off, To fix it, you just blow hard in the headphone jack to clear the dust (or you can plug in headphones and remove them). i cleaned out the headphone jack and problem was solved .very nicely done! Thank you very much! Thanks so much – other half was just having a fit after trying EVERYTHING and resigned himself to having to buy a new amp. He was already headed to Best Buy to buy another $500 system when I came upon your post. I didn’t tell them about the simple solution. I am sincerely in your gratitude, Thank you!! Gracias loco!!!!! I looked on line to see how to reset it for me and everything we found didn’t do anything to help then I found your posting. Glad I checked this blog. When my Denon was not working and heard that clicking, my first thought was a short, and usually that means speaker wire. Truly a money saver. Amazing – over 5 years and this problem hasn’t been addressed by Denon! Did not think this would work but it worked instantly. Denon AVR 2310 – I went to watch a movie last night and no sound after about one hour for checking connections and setting on the amp nothing found this post today and fixed in two seconds thanks for posting . Thank you for breathing life into it. we spent probably four hours on this before we came upon your suggestion which proved to be the solution. He took the equipment to send it back to Dennon. My lucky day! You just saved me several hundred $$ on a new processor, and now I'm calling back Geek Squad to demand a refund on the $99.95 I already paid!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I’ve only wasted about 4 hours on this stupid thing. In any event, thank you for taking the time to post this. one by one. For the love of the Nintendo Entertainment System, I literally can’t believe this worked… THANKS!!! Six years later and your post is still useful. My husband tried everything to get the sound back, I was thinking the worst....then I got on here, found your recommendation to "blow in the headphone jack" and low and behold it worked!!! Unfortunately, I only saw it after I paid a tech to fix the problem (which he obviously did not). I had a dvd player, tv audio, and a video game system audio going to the receiver. Woohoo! Solution: Denon A/V Receiver AVR 1410/790 With No Sound: I’m so glad you took the time to post this! Save me some dinero. Unbelievable that this simple fix worked. In early 2021, CNET Forums will no longer be available. We are grateful for the participation and advice you have provided to one another over the years. This worked. I wonder if the company got paid yo fix it and just did the same thing. One puff and the system worked. Hey Adam… If I could pop over and deliver a case of beer to you for this lifesaving advice, I would. I am laughing when i read all your post. First I thought it is a joke. I have of course the same recurring promlem. If the receiver works with some input sources but not others , the problem could be with the cable(s) connecting the component(s) and the receiver. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Finally I decided to type Denon H/P input into Google. This post is still as relevant in 2013 as it was the day you posted it! This is the best tech post I have ever read. Perfect!!! Great to know! Denon 890 now working like a champ once more and making me realized just how dusty my house gets! The 3rd time it came back to me and they had “fixed it”… Well, it happened again 2 years later (today) and I was getting ready to call Denon. I put a nylon stocking over the opening of the hose just in case I accidentally removed something I didn’t intend to. When i received the receiver, it appeared in very good condition. Thank You for posting this! Had started to accept that had to look for a replacement for my trusted Denon when I found your post, tried your solution, and “Klick”, the sound was back, along with the missing options in the menues. You are a genius my man. JUST BLOW INTO THE HEADPHONE JACK! Thank you, man. Thank you so much for posting this!! Took a shot at google and came across your solution! Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve had the problems pop up several times. I’m in charge of electronics in our house because my husband doesn’t have the patients. THANK YOU! There are two positive and two negative on each speaker (Top & Bottom) on the front speakers and one Postive and one negative on the rear SS. Thanks for the tip. Thanks! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Just search in google for: Thank you so much for posting! Glad I found your blog. If you believe this post is offensive or violates the. I figure that at least I can save some time for “the next sucker” who runs into the issue. I didn’t have the H/P symbol but I came across this post and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try and….. it worked!! Thank you so much for your post!! Problem solved. Found your post and happy I was after that. Im laughing my ass off dude…..AND my stuff is fixed!!! Not too bad a way to spend a Sunday afternoon. At one point I saw some “Input On” flash by but I didn’t get a good look. God bless the internet! Just got home and wife and kids complaining that no sound coming from TV. Thank you very much! Denon Receiver 1 - "Family Room" HDMI Out 1 - to the TV; HDMI Out 2 - to an HDMI converter, so red/white audio out to Receiver 2 (there is no other audio-out / pass-through port!!) You saved me unknown hours of frustration and probably money. Then I laughed for 5 minutes. i wish all things were this easy to fix!! As everyone above has said. If the sound skips a speaker, you have isolated the problem to a specific speaker channel. A little shot of compressed air took care of the problem.

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