President: Stacie Lackler Vice Presidents: Remy Behl Secretary: Yang You Treasurer: Varun Kasireddy Editor: Megan Leitch Marshall: Andrew Bakert Officers 2015-2016. The Headquarters office is staffed by Dr. Glenn Goss, the Executive Secretary, assisted by Susan C. Brown, Office Administrator and Sichan Lee, National Office Secretary. I was born in Peru but my family moved to the United States when I was only a year old. I enjoy being outside whether it's out in nature or in the city. Chi Epsilon, Inc. University of Texas at Arlington Room 222, Nedderman Hall Box 19316 Arlington, Texas 76019-0316 866.554.0553 In the 5th grade, my family moved back to Moreno Valley and my sisters and I were finally able to establish roots. I like meeting new people, so feel free to reach out if you want to have study sessions, need any advice, or want to grab something to eat! Ryan Tish President Email : Ryan Tish is a 4th year civil engineering student with a concentration in structures. President - Chandelle Takahashi . Playing soccer/basketball, working out, watching movies, biking and some karate. Drew Kirkpatrick is a 3rd Year Civil and Environmental Engineering Some of his other interests include snowboarding, surfing, traveling and Major, emphasizing in Structures. Although I constantly joke about how lame Riverside is, it still holds a special place in my heart because of all the good memories I've made there. I am the oldest of five--with two brothers and two sisters. Traveling, watching football/baseball games, hanging out with friends. I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley specifically the Cupertino/Sunnyvale/Los Altos area. Looking forward to meeting you all this quarter! Officers. Materials, and Architecture. He has interned in San Francisco native always ready to play some ultimate frisbee. Helen is a 4th year civil engineering student with emphasis on structural engineering. Watching sitcoms/anime/kdramas, exploring different genres of music, playing games with online friends, finding new cuisines or restaurants, I’ve had 2 surgeries and 3 broken bones haha. Scholarship for excellence in structural engineering. Ryan Tish is a 4th year civil engineering student with a concentration in structures. She is planning to go to graduate school to pursue a M.S. I got stitches and had to wear an eyepatch to school :(. Officers. Art, Cooking, Learning about different Cultures, Anything art related (Drawing, Painting, sculpting, etc. After attending grad school, I plan on moving somewhere abroad to use my knowledge on sustainable construction to help build environmentally conscious infrastructure. tennis. I started swimming when I was 10 years old, and my first job was an internship at the beach. Notify me of new comments via email. Drew is also the Co-Director of the Lee Rosen is a 4th year Civil and Environmental engineering student from La Costa, California. If you're interested let me know and we can throw some time. Chi Epsilon at UCLA- Civil Engineering Honors Society, Chi Epsilon Preamble and Chapter Objectives. Drew's academic interests are I’m from Lebanon and speak Lebanese/Arabic. 2014 Officers. UCI has more people (about 30,000) than my entire town (about 15,000) so it was a big change but it was a lot of fun getting to meet so many new people. In the end, I chose structures because I knew I wanted to incorporate my desire to help the environment with an area that contributes a large amount of global emissions around the world. Vice-President: Donald Smith Office Hours: T 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Mason Civil Engineering Building Room 2111 Email: … I found civil engineering in my search for an applicable field and I loved it. Sadly enough I was in high school, I was born in Moreno Valley, CA, a small city near Riverside. Drawing/painting, singing, hanging out with friends, exploring new places, drinking coffee, playing volleyball, When I was a kid, I fell on a playground and split open the skin right next to my eye. A native of Los Angeles, Ryan spent 6 years living in Thailand and attended the International School Bangkok, where he served as Student Council President. UCLA ASCE Concrete Canoe Team. I grew up in Riverside, CA and that’s where I’ve spent most of my life. Chandelle currently works at UH Mānoa in the Office of Project Delivery. Fun Fact: Reigning Chi Epsilon Popsicle Stick Bridge Champion and 151A Spaghetti Bridge Champion About me: I was raised in Brooklyn, NY...back before all the cupcake shops and Midwesterners. A native of Los Angeles, Ryan spent 6 years living in Thailand and attended the International School Bangkok, where he served as Student Council President. ©2019 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.® Epsilon Chi Omega Chapter . In my downtime, I like to watch different types of shows and also talk to friends about new music. The high school I went to only had about 600 kids and my graduating class was 140 kids, so coming to UCI was quite a change. Luckily, the major - related classes are interesting and the internships I have gotten have helped me enjoy the major even more. ROAR Officer. In addition to serving in Chi Epsilon, Ryan is currently a co-director for the Steel Bridge Project in the ASCE chapter at UCLA. 2011 - 2012 Officers; Sub Menu. It honors engineering students in the United States who have exemplified the "principles of scholarship, character, practicality, and the civil engineering profession." Name: Timothy Gates Biography: Dr. Gates’ interests include the following subject areas: traffic engineering, traffic operations, traffic safety, driver behavior, and transportation economics.

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