Cats kill 100 – 350 million birds each year in Canada! What they do require is a nest site which is secure and weatherproof, and as safe as possible from predators. There are many species of birds that make their nests directly on the ground. Box types - hole-fronted or open-fronted. For those birds that DO use nesting boxes, here are some things they might look for when choosing a nesting box. 5 out of 5 stars (109) 109 reviews $ 15.00. Adding Wild Bird Nesting Boxes. Preferably, mount the box … Don’t mount your bird box on a large tree or large fence that predators can climb. Keep in mind that not all birds use nesting boxes. Some prefer to place their nests in tree branches. The two main types of small nest box offer opportunities for different species of bird. Those with a small hole may be used by tits and sparrows, while open-fronted boxes … Only … They include proper drainage and ventilation to keep babies dry, plus our unique two-way opening system … DIY Blue Bird Nesting Boxes, Bird House, Wildlife Box, Kit, School Project, Daycare, Fathers Day, Home School Darren910Crafts. Birds do not insist on their nest sites being mathematically precise! So, make the box to suit … Please keep house cats indoors—it’s safer for birds and cats! Don’t put a perch on your nest box. Nest Boxes Our Nest Boxes include the key elements needed for a successful nesting experience. From shop Darren910Crafts.

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