This causes strain on your elbow flexor and extensor tendons. This will only cause more inflammation (the reason you get the pain) and makes things way worse. Overdoing this exercise can lead to inflammation and pain. Why you get elbow pain during bicep curls. The pain nearly kept me out of the gym forever. If you are like most people who weight lift, your elbow pain is most likely at it’s worst on bicep day or even just doing dumbbell bicep curls on it’s own. Osteoarthritis – This is also known as general “arthritis.” This is really rare to happen in the elbow since it’s not common to put weight through it repetitively, day in and day out, like the knee joint. One concept that I love to use when treating patients is using the rule of twos. And I want to tell you that the elbow pain you are experiencing when you are working out and throwing the weights around can be beaten as long as you follow and understand everything I have to tell you in this article. Don’t be that person that self-diagnoses themselves off an article on the internet. Ulnar neuropathy – This can cause numbness, tingling, or even burning on the outer part of the elbow due to injury to the ulnar nerve which can potentially be irritated with incorrect bicep curl form. The problem was that by the time the fourth set came around I could barely grip and hold the 55lb dumbbell, let alone curl it with good form and technique. If you’re holding onto the barbell too tightly, it can activate the flexor tendons (helps to bend your wrist forward) in your wrist which can lead to inner elbow pain during bicep curls. is the author of Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed which has been teaching individuals how to overcome their tennis elbow injury at home since 2005 with over  1,767,986 copies sold.He is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Exercise Rehab Specialist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Copyright © 2020, Geoff Hunt, Certified Exercise Rehab Specialist, 7 Solid Steps on How to Cure Tennis Elbow Fast in 2020, 3 Sleeping Positions That Cause Elbow Pain and Restless Nights, Top 10 Most Effective Exercises for Tennis Elbow In 2020, Top 3 Reasons Your Elbow Hurts Holding Your Baby and What Not to Do, 5 Reasons Your Elbow Hurts and You Can't Straighten Your Arm At All. Bicep Curls: A Prevention & Fix for Elbow Tendonitis Videos by Bryce Smith & Michele Vieux You don’t need to suffer from elbow pain and it can actually be prevented – in many cases – with a highly frowned-upon movement in many CrossFit gyms. This pain usually appears during the eccentric motion of the repetition. These are some frequently asked questions that I get from patients. Many weight lifters when performing bicep exercises keep their wrists cocked and bent in towards their body. Copyright ©2020 Fitbod, Inc. All Rights Reserved. As mentioned, the problem with this bicep exercise is your wrist positioning. Now, you know some of the reasons you may have elbow pain when you do biceps curls. The elbow is then flexed with the weight in hand until it reaches the front of the shoulder, then brought back down into the original position. He completed his sports medicine fellowship through Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital; team physicians of the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) and the Columbus Crew (MLS). Curling too much weight. Tennis elbow I said, but I don’t play tennis. It just involves adding “protection” to the acronym. But the bicep curl needn’t be something you’re ashamed of doing in public. With resistance bands or a cable machine the resistance is constant throughout the entire bicep curl exercise. Reasons You Get Elbow Pain During Bicep Curls . These six signs are true indicators that you have tennis elbow but here is some good news. This is when someone asks where your elbow hurts and you point to the inside of the elbow closest to the rest of your body. 3. Bending your wrist forward can activate the flexor tendons that attach to the inner part of the elbow, which can cause pain. This is important as more injuries occur to tissues under tension while bringing the weight down to the starting position of the bicep curl. As a result, it can lead to elbow pain while bicep curling. In his spare time, Niraj enjoys reading, working out, watching sports (especially hockey), and spending time with his family. This can then lead to outer elbow pain. Niraj has been published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine as well as Current Sports Medicine Reports, the official review journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. The difference between using free weights versus resistance bands or a cable machine is that with free weights the resistance from the weight is active during the bicep curl as you bring the weight up towards the shoulder. This is where your extensor tendon attaches at your arm bone. Have you ever experienced a pain bordering excruciating in the forearm or inner side of the elbow while curling? Especially when you are trying to get those last 2 reps in and your muscles are already fatigued. Your hand and forearm may not be strong enough to stabilize the weight in your grip which could affect your wrist position. This can be a result of the structures in the arm and elbow undergoing the same forces over and over again. I recommend you stick to the straight bar when doing your bicep workout to ensure your wrists are neutral and in line with your forearms. Tip For Elbow Pain During Bicep Curls. Your hand and forearm may not be strong enough to stabilize the weight in your grip which could affect your wrist position. Here are the most common diagnoses for elbow pain when related to bicep curls: This is when someone asks where your elbow hurts and you can’t point to one specific spot on the inside or outside.

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