These machines have good adjustability with the drilled holes on the frame. Multi-grip pull-up bar with neutral, angled, 2" fat bar, and 1.25" standard all included - Overall depth: 48"  However, if you just want something that works, the price is hard to say no too. This is a complete exercise system with a nice structure that combines the arm and leg station. - Pair of UHMW lined X-3 J-Hooks included. Overall, the Force USA MyRack is a great rack. The rack is made from 2 x 2-inch square steel tubing. Features: The first negative is that shipping is often more expensive and takes longer than large companies like Rogue. You want a squat and bench rack you can use to do a wide variety of workout exercises. Although there are many power racks available, if we had to choose one for most people that meets various budgets and desires, this is what we would suggest. Multiple color, height, and depth options combine with an ever-expanding list of accessories and attachments to create the only power rack system you'll ever need. This includes few accessories offered and no 24” extension available like can be found with other Titan options. Anyone who’s purchased a Rogue product in the past understands the quality and peace of mind offered by the company. Despite the abuse that's been placed on the rack and it's many accessories (we tested all of them) it still performs like it did on day one. - Height: 92" The base should be sturdy enough to stay in place while you are exercising. When you are pulling the bar up you want to keep it as close as you can to your body, trying to pull it back instead of pulling it straight up. Now that you have heard about the terrific price, you are probably wondering about safety and quality. Look for a wide grip and angled pull up bar. Back Upright Height Options: 70", 90" – Front Upright Height Options: 90", 108" First modular, easily shippable, the designed rack that could be customized and fit almost any room or application. Despite us liking the rack, there are certainly some downsides to the Rep PR-1100. This CAP … Now hold the bar down low and keep your hips up high. Having something like rubber base caps are handy to help keep the rack stable and avoid scratching your floor. When these are added, even more accessories can be piled on like lat/low row attachment and later in the year monolift arms and jammer arms. Same goes for when the pull-up bar is used. The 2 Best All-Around Power Racks for the money. 11 Gauge Steel It can only hold up to 300 pounds, and it does not hold this weight very well. The lower the gauge of metal used for the beams and uprights, the stronger that metal is. Ideally, you'd be able to buy a squat rack and never have to upgrade, unless you wanted to. This setup accepts optional safety bars for squatting or bench press.Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns.Has about a 5' x 4' footprint to allow kipping and banded pull-ups without instability.2" x 3", 11-gauge steel tubing with 5/8" hole diameter on the uprights.Can be bolted to the floor for rock-solid stability.Tested for 660 lb weight capacity.Durable black powder coat finish.Safety bars optional- Bar can sit on 22" of space if purchased.Floor-mounted weight horns included.Adjustable height pullup bar (bolted).UHMW plastic coated j-hooks included - protects the finish on your bar.Pullup bar can be set at 75" to 93" off the ground.J-Cups can be set as low as 1' off the ground or as high as 6' off the ground.Weight horns can handle up to 360 pounds of bumpers (180 pounds each) (weight horn capacity will vary with brand of bumper).Pull Up Bar - 1.3" diameter. Specifications: Being Rogue’s premier offering, the RM-6 is completely customizable and has as many accessories and additions as you could imagine including a choice of multiple j-cup types. The Titan X-3 Squat Stand compares to the Rogue SML-2 very much like the Titan X-3 half rack compared to the Rogue HR-2.

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