Would you attempt to sketch this scene if you only had 30 minutes? Can a new sketchbook get you out of a rut? ), SketchChat Session: Dunnottar Castle with progress photos, Sketchbook Review: Clairefontane Goldline Natural, What am I not using in my kit? Why I love running my interactive SketchingNow online classes, SketchingNow Adventure: Glenhaven (and Kenthurst), Adult Coloring Books 1: An initial review, Tidying Up: Good feelings and sobering thoughts, I love my work: A Curious Interested Interview, Adult Coloring Books 2: Someone's else lines, old insecurities and my style, Norfolk Island Part 1: Summary of my trip, Norfolk Island Part 2: Unplugging and having time to think, Norfolk Island Part 3: Struggles with a new sketchbook. Thanks. Cafe hopping and architecture sketching, More sketching classes and Saturday workshops in The Rocks. Thanks Liz. Thanks. Thank you very much for the information about waterproof inks for fountain pens. Brazil Trip: Symposium Thursday early morning sketching group, Brazil Trip: Symposium Workshop A - The Joy of Movement, Brazil Trip: Unfolding a Sketch Story with Richard Alomar, Brazil Trip: Early morning sketching gang Friday and Saturday, Brazil Trip: My workshop: Feeling the Edges of Santa Rita, Brazil Trip: Pao de Acucar(Sugarloaf) and Copocabana Beach, Rio, Brazil Trip: Workshop for Architecture students from RIo University. Were these old sketches done with student or artist grade paint? Trip2012: Day 2 - still exploring Santo Domingo on my own. Trip2012: Day 14 - Tea, France and Danny! If anyone has any experience with Dr. PH Martin’s Bombay India Ink I would love to hear about the results. A new sketchbook and yet another paint tin! Is it possible to put bottled Lamy ink into an empty Lamy cartridge using a pipette or is it best to use a converter? Chilli kiss and Lemon Drizzle (going wild at T2). 120320 Radcliffe Camera-12 years later and still wrong, 120331 Alishan Oolong instead of the Kokoda Trail to Rivendell, Grand Scottish Landscape with a big flat brush, 120412 Another hot cross bun and some architectural experimenting, Sketchcrawl 35 - Cockatoo Island and a 'certain' tearoom, An afternoon in the Veneto (thanks to my books! It will be a good reference for when you create your ink wash painting. My First Sabbatical Week: Recharging my batteries, Sketching Architecture: Shapes vs Perspective, Europe16 Favourite: San Simeone Piccolo Venice, Vlog 2: Making the most of little moments to sketch. This ink is developed to work with most all Epson based/print head DTG printers. The most important consideration for an ink to use with watercolors is its waterproofness. You can also practice this technique with a dip pen, instead of a paintbrush. TWSBI’s name stands for the phrase “Hall of Three Cultures” or “San Wen Tong” in Chinese. Many thanks in anticipation for your help. I use Platinum Carbon, Noodler’s Bulletproof Black and Lexington Gray. Hi Julie – sadly there are no Lamy cartridges with permanent ink. Exploring the Rocks sketching class week 2, Sketching Architecture: Elements classes in Milson's Point/ Kirribilli coming soon, Talk and demo for the Medical Artist Group. Expressive Urban Sketching Workshop Video, This week so far....tea and cake, a paint palette and a brick wall. Allow this layer to dry before moving on. Do you need perfect perspective to draw architecture? Adulting 101: Learn How to Raise Your Credit Score. The character “Wen” translates into language and culture. Summer 1112 Day 12- At home..sorting sewing and cricket on the radio! My No. Jan 28, 2015 - Explore Robyn Bican's board "Ink Wash" on Pinterest. Then, use pure ink to lightly saturate the far right edge. I am currently using Lamy black and blue-black and Sheaffer black because they don’t smell (but I don’t think they are waterproof). See more ideas about Ink wash, Ink, Art. 2019 Foundations Friday 7: Putting it all together and having a cuppa! ), Markers out on location (and a new friend for Borromini), St Thomas Rest Park with markers (5 mins there, 2 mins later), Friday marker sketches - morning and afternoon and printing time doodle, 120910 MeganNielson Patterns and St Leonards from the gutter again. I use the Rohrer & Klingner Dokumentus Brown ink too and a Lamy Safari and the ink is the best I have tried so far. Trip Prep 08: Trying something for the 2nd time (a third is needed! Is it best to have a number of converters? I’ve just received my Super5s last week. Ideal for sketching. Last week of 'Sketching Mosman'- but more classes soon! I thought it might just be me, some weird atmospheric tweak to the pen+ink combination, but I talked with my sister today who has the same ink and pen.

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