Blender is one of the most popular free animation tools used to create 3D animation. If you dont have the money, you can use Macromedia Flash 8, it is old but free. If anyone is aspiring to become an animator, then they should keep themselves updated about these Softwares. Thank you for your reply! Toon Boom and Adobe Animate have subscription models, so you pay a smaller amount per month, but TVPaint doesn't. In 2017, it launched a vertical video creator tool (animated), the first animation company to do so. Here are my picks for the best animation software for animators and businesses. You can access and download it online easily. Thanks for sharing. Check out which is in beta and totally free right now (I'm one of the founders). Offers GTS scanning tool that you can use for sequence scanning (only available for Windows), Compatible with TWAIN (and an animation program interface), Comes with an impressive variety of animation effects, including changing picture styles, affected incident light, and more, Offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts so that you don’t have to use the mouse all the time, It is compatible with four types of scanning (black and white, colored and with or without binarization), Creates efficient and seamless cutout animation, It can develop wavy distortions and change picture styles, Offers in-built particles effect feature (create rain, snow, sparkles, smoke, and much more), Supported on a large number of platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux, Open-source software (can be edited at the source for high customizability), Trustworthy and endorsed by major animation studios (Studio Ghibli), Comes with starting manual for first-time users (comes in English and Japanese), Needs an enormous RAM size to work seamlessly (otherwise, it may crash), New frame animation and frame creation requires drawing (it is not an automatic feature), Provides only 2d animation but provides onion skinning, Provides two versions with different attributes for a different set of people (stable version and development version), Provides vector tweening and thus eliminates the need for manual tweening, Offers a plethora of layers and filters to choose from (over 50 layers to create artwork and animation), Supports animated graphic formats like GIF and MNG, Provides advanced controls (link parameters of various layers either directly or mathematically), Incorporates HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging), Free video training for an in-depth understanding of the software in four languages, including English, French, and Dutch, A full-featured bone system that allows you to create cut-out animation using bitmap images or control vector artwork, Takes a lot of time to wrap your head around its functionings, There have been complaints regarding the bugs in the software in the past, Provides real-time 3D image rendering workflow, Native support for over 30 3D-file formats, Includes more than 750 preset materials to help you differently style your videos, Core strength lies in its speed and flexibility, HDRI lighting enables you to adjust and light your scene as per your requirement, KeyShot XR allows us to create interactive, touch-enabled visuals for mobile and web, Real-time ray tracing (progressive global illumination with dynamic lightning), Can provide still image animations, interactive web content, and mobile content, Scattering media feature (adds particle scattering), Unrivaled detailing, accuracy, and realism in visualization, User-friendly, intuitive interface (for those with experience), Imports and exports a variety of model formats, 3D animation can be difficult to grasp for a novice, Framing, sizing, and re-sizing the window might get difficult at times, Very flexible and comes with the power of a node-based visualization pipeline, Creates multiple combinations of your choice, Can combine flexible plugins to provide you with numerous solutions (robust, object-oriented plugin architecture), Designed to provide motion-picture quality animation from the ground-up (render engines), Modification of start of a workflow propagates to the end (intuitive), Free software and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, Can be useful for low-budget animation artists, Complex workflows are easy to create, understand, and decipher, Lacks proper tutorials about how to animate and use the product, Can be difficult for beginners to use without appropriate guidance, Performs rendering and creates renders using high-end production path tracers, Performs modeling; offers extensive toolset to perform activities like sculpting, retopology, and modeling, Robust simulation using industry-standard libraries like Bullet and MantaFlow, Its new ‘game engine’ feature supports game creation, Offers modifiers to apply a non-destructive effect, ‘Grease Pencil’ tool for 2D concept designing and 3D modeling, Supports a wide range of geometric primitives like metaballs, icospheres, and Bezier curves, Very user-friendly and intuitive interface, Award-winning animation and rigging features, Integration with multiple pipeline tools, including Collada, Alembic, and more, It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS, In-depth tutorials to help you understand the working of the software, You have complete control over the privacy of your account, Directly export to various social media sites like YouTube, Detailed videos walkthroughs and tutorials available to help you get started, Multiple character animations and cartoons to choose from, Has a free plan but with limited qualities, Can sometimes become slow (while editing).

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