As an AMA member, you’ll get unlimited access to a vast selection of members-only resources, tools and content such as white papers, best practices, and research reports written by the most respected names in the industry. At the AMA, we create exclusive content across multiple marketing disciplines so you can focus on continuously learning and strengthening your skills. Expand you knowledge, build you marketing skill set and become more effective with marketing’s most comprehensive collection of interactive tools, templates, dashboards and certifications. The American Marketing Association offers a variety of benefits to help members meet new challenges and grow by acquiring the tools to successfully navigate their career. Guide decisions with critical news, studies and business cases covering a wide variety of industries and marketing disciplines. Learn more. Our partners offer benefits in business services, entertainment and more! To help you help others, the American Marketing Association will deliver a new perk to your inbox each week. AMA members receive 10% discount on select executive programs. Mentor Exchange is one of the most exclusive and coveted career development opportunities in the country for senior marketers. Webcasts and courses curated from marketing’s thought leaders and leading academics. It’s where ideas are shared and the shape of marketing’s future takes form. We want to be sure that members and customers have the flexibility to engage with the AMA now and well into the future. Groups of 31 people or more should contact or 800-AMA-1150 for a quote. Access downloadable tools, webinars, all AMA online journals and publications, plus a subscription to the award-winning Marketing News magazine. Groups of 3-30 can purchase AMA membership for $119 per year per person (20% savings). Discount to the 2020 Masters of B2B Marketing Conference; Individual members save $200 off the non-member rate Individual Member dues: $300 per year. The Toronto Chapter of the American Marketing Association offers everything you need to take your marketing career to the next level — a diverse membership base, a local network of like-minded professionals, expert-lead programs, and access to the American Marketing Association’s global network of resources and chapters across North America. Read our. At AMA you will find opportunities to strengthen your skills, boost your knowledge and build meaningful relationships with other professionals in your field. Members of this association are dedicated marketers who work, teach and study in the field and have a passion for advancing our industry. Along with our partners at the Digital Marketing Institute, we’re bringing you flexible learning that culminates with two advanced certifications from two globally respected organizations. The Professional Membership is the most common membership type and includes both membership to the national AMA chapter and AMA Madison. Save money with multiple special discounts available to members. © 2020 American Marketing Association, Hawai’i Chapter. AMA conferences, training and more than 75 chapters across the US and Canada help you stay up-to-date with global trends and help build a global mindset, while being part of a local chapter that makes it close and personal. Join the world’s largest and most trusted marketing association and benefit from all our resources and benefits. At the American Marketing Association, we’re building the essential community for marketers. Benefits include: Networking opportunities; Discounted rates to our monthly luncheons, annual conference, and honors event

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